The only European company that contributes
2 advanced technologies

Technology that Transports and Mobilizes nutrients Regulating plant development

Nano Micellar Technology




Our company is located in the province of Alicante. It is formed by highly qualified personnel in their functions that make this a competent and professional company.


Since its birth as a company in 1992, high but achievable goals have been proposed, always concerned with: Research, formulation development, nutrition and collaboration with specialized national and international research centers.

Agroserna S.L.

In Agroserna S.L., we have a wide variety of phytosanitary products and fertilizers in liquid or solid form that will serve to protect and care for their fields and crops, as well as their productivity.

Our products are classified by categories that cover all types of needs

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" Farmers cultivate hope and

we harvest future "

At Agroserna S.L., we have two technologies that differentiate us from other competitors and that make our products unique, different and highly effective for farmers.


In addition, our commitment to the environment is increasingly high and, therefore, increases the number of organic products that we put on the market.


We are constantly evolving and this is reflected in the effectiveness of our products and the service we offer.


7 August 2018

Agroserna program in olive

We just want to show that what we say is true.

Plus Bal New 2 + W. Potassium


Cooperativa La Esperanza del campo

Caves of the field (Granada)

Vicente Serna

12 January 2019

Program to prevent january frosts

Agroserna products that will help our crops survive the low temperatures of winter.

Fields of Albatera

Mario Serna

20 February 2019

Quaje Watermelon and Melon by fertirrigation

Conference on the complementary use of C. Max and Xplosion-R for the set of Watermelon and Melon.


Vicente Serna



Mejoradores de suelo sólidos

Línea Bang


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